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Caren Frost Olmsted, Bernardsville, NJ.  11/08/2022  Photo by Steve Hockstein/

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Upcoming Projects

Now booking for Fall of 2025! Call us today to get on our schedule!

Delaware Township School

Sergeantsville, NJ, April 2024

In April, we will get to spend the month painting in the small, rural district of Delaware Township in their K-8 school! So looking forward to creating an expansive piece that celebrates all that their small town (with a big heart!) has to offer!

Washington School

Millburn, NJ, May 2024

In May ’24, we will spend the month painting on panels with the 400 5th graders that attend Washington School! The mural will end up encompassing the stage proscenium! Install will be exciting!

Canfield Avenue School

Mine Hill Township, NJ, June 2024

We will be closing out the 23-24 school year at Canfield Avenue School in Mine Hill Township, NJ. We were first here in 2019 (back before the world shut down!). This mural will be a special project for their 60 graduating 6th graders! Our painting location is yet to be determined… pics to come!

Riker Hill Elementary

Livingston, NJ, October 2024

We will be starting the ‘24-‘25 School year at Riker Hill Elementary with 17 day mural project! We will be painting with all 500 K-5 students covering abt. 100 linear ft (1000 sq ft) painted directly on the wall! It’ll be a biggie! Pics to come!

Washington School

Millburn, NJ, November 2024

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving 2024, we will get to spend time back at Washington School with the ’24-‘25 5th grade class! We will continue painting on panels as we begin to work our way around their vast multipurpose room.

Catena School

Freehold, NJ, February & March 2025

We have loved our projects in Freehold and are so excited to return in February and March of 2025! Looking forward to painting for 18 days at Catena with all 425 of their K-5 students covering about 500 sq ft!

Mountview Road School

Morris Plains, NJ, April 2025

Come April 2025 we will be heading to Morris Plains to paint at Mountview Road School! This project will be done on panels as it will end up being installed over the Spring/Summer on the 400 sq ft exterior entry wall to the school! So excited to paint with all 260 kiddos!

Kind Words

Scott Lipson

Principal, Tinc Rd School

What an amazing experience! Our students loved having Caren and her assistants come in to transform our main hallway. She helped create such a sense of community by having all of our 450 students paint a portion of the wall. She even had them add their handprints too! The best part is seeing everyone's reactions as they walk through the hallway. We find something new to marvel at every time! It truly was a memorable experience for all of our students. Thank you Caren!


Asheville, NC

I recently moved to my dream house in Asheville, and Caren did decorative finishes in three of my rooms. They are so lovely! I am delighted, and love the compliments I get when friends stop by... I just love going from room to room each day… they are so rich and inviting. Each project that she did for me was spectacular- beyond my expectations!

6th grade boy in

Madison, NJ

This is the best time I've ever had in art!! This is awesome!


Asheville, NC

From the second that you open the door to my yoga studio and see the hand painted logo at the entrance, you know that the artist that worked on the space was completely invested in my project. Caren is professional, compassionate, dependable, and honest. She has integrity and is deeply committed to customer satisfaction. Most of all, Caren is very talented.

5th grade boy in

Morristown, NJ

Painting the mural was better than recess!

Kathy Koop

Principal, Kings Road School

Caren, thank you so much for shining your talent and energy within the walls of Kings Road School. The mural project has not only aesthetically improved the school, but your presence creates an uplift of energy and creativity within the community. You are an amazing artist and person!

5th Grade Boy

while painting a mural

This is better than recess!

Sr. Noreen

Principal, St. Vincent Martyr School

The mural was a huge hit. The Bishop said that he had never seen work so beautiful. What a tribute to your giftedness! Thank you for being so accommodating and so good natured.

Lydia Stiles

Science Teacher, Valleyview Middle School

The Valleyview Community Mural has been such a positive experience for all involved! It beautifully reflects on so many aspects of Valleyview and the larger Denville community. Our students, parents, and staff feel so much pride about their roles throughout the whole team-building process.

5th grade boy

Wilson Elementary

This was the best group project I’ve ever done!

PTO President

John Hill School

The mural project was totally awesome! Being with the kids painting was amazing. All the planning, scanning, scheduling, etc. was all worth it in the end. Thank you so much for your artistry and guidance!

Morgan Kane

Guidance Counselor, Valleyview Middle School

The artists overseeing the project, couldn't be kinder, more encouraging, or GRATEFUL for any assistance- even mine! I will be clear when I say I do not have an ounce of skill when it comes to painting- it did not matter. Within moments of walking into the cafe they handed me a brush with a paint color and described my task which was within my ability- I felt such a sense of accomplishment and pride and I truly am so thankful that all our students had the chance to experience this as well. Thank you, Caren and Jaime!!


Parent, Oak Street School

We love our mural! You worked your special magic and it turned out beautifully, thank you! You put so much care and loving attention into every inch of that mural and it shows. What a gift you have given OSS!! And all of us who had such good fortune to be a part of the process.

Caterina Costaldo

Belleza Si Esthetics

There is a distinct difference between “decorative accents” & true artistry. Caren Frost Olmsted is an example of a craftswoman who exhibits true artistry in her work, & I have the pleasure of enjoying the fruits of her labor daily in my place of business.

Seth Korman

Principal, Valleyview Middle School

The mural turned out even better than I imagined! It really brightens up the entire cafeteria and was an excellent group effort by all.