Kent Place School

Summit, NJ- July 2023

In July 2023, Olmsted Mural Group partnered with Kent Place School's Art & Ethics Institute Summer Program for an inspiring week of artistry and ethical exploration. The mural's thematic foundation—ethical decision-making and forging one's path—was conceived during spring brainstorming sessions with the students. The collaborative design process unfolded seamlessly, with each student actively contributing to the mural's creation. From drawing the design on the wall to collectively blocking in vibrant colors, the students played a pivotal role in bringing the masterpiece to life. The intricate detailing work was executed by Caren of The Olmsted Mural Group.

Deerfield School 60th Anniversary Mural Project

Short Hills, NJ- Painted March 2023, installed June 2023

In March 2023, Olmsted Mural Group undertook a transformative project at Deerfield Elementary School in Short Hills, NJ, commemorating its 60th anniversary. Our task: create a 56' x 9' outdoor mural, an artful celebration of the school's rich history and commitment to education. This expansive mural, created on polytab panels, turned a once desolate courtyard into a vibrant space for students to enjoy lunch and play. With over 350 Deerfield Bulldogs (students) in attendance, the mural became a 500 sq ft ode to learning and fun. Each letter in "Deerfield" symbolizes different facets of the students' educational journey, creating a mural that resonates with the diverse experiences within the school. From the Bulldog mascot to significant milestones, every brushstroke on this mural represents a chapter in Deerfield's illustrious six-decade-long story.

Hilltop Elementary School

Mendham, NJ - February 2023

We were thrilled to return to Hilltop Elementary School for the third time, and the enthusiasm from both students and staff was palpable! Our latest project involved transforming the hallway surrounding the school library into a vibrant showcase of creativity and positivity. The space now boasts uplifting quotes, clouds adorned with student handprints, colorful birds, and a celebration of books. Every student had the opportunity to paint and leave their unique mark on the school walls, making the mural a true reflection of the entire school community. Hilltop Elementary School has undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to the Olmsted Mural Group. Our collaboration began in 2016 with a mural featuring historical Mendham scenes. In 2018, we returned to craft a captivating mural covering half of the cafeteria, promoting healthy food choices and play. Now, in 2023, the library hallway has been revitalized with an engaging mix of elements, including books, uplifting quotes, birds, clouds, and more. In each project, the active involvement of all students ensures that their handprints contribute to the rich tapestry of the mural.

Kings Road School

Madison, NJ- Painted January 2023- installed May 2023

In January 2023, the Olmsted Mural Group was excited to return to Kings Road School for a second mural project. Collaborating with KRS students, parents, and teachers, we transformed the school's drab exterior retaining wall into a stunning, large-scale mural. The mural, featuring a dynamic representation of family (K), community (R), and school (S), along with vibrant gold and red roses (Madison being nick-named “The Rose City”), the Madison schools logo, and a custom Cougar logo designed by Olmsted Mural Group. Painted on polytab panels in the art room, the mural engaged over 350 students, parents, teachers, and staff. Working on panel allowed us to create an outdoor mural in New Jersey, even in January! The completed panels cured in our studios until May when favorable weather allowed for installation. Located on Kings Road in Madison, the mural is open for viewing at any time! Check it out!

PS 159- Isaac Pitkin School

Brooklyn, NY- October 2022

We were privileged to spend a month making art with all the students, teachers, and staff at PS 159! Working on parachute cloth panels, we painted a mural illustrating PS 159’s theme of “Leaders Today, Learners Tomorrow.” We have young and mature panthers on either side of the hallway, along with silhouettes of students and adult leaders—all set against a background of Pitkin Avenue, East New York, and Brooklyn.

Littlebrook School

Princeton, NJ- May 2022

Major transformations occurred in the Littlebrook School lobby! From the moment that you walk in the door, the mural that we painted envelops the entire entry! All 380+ students, along with many volunteer parents and teachers, helped paint the walls with welcoming, positive quotes and imagery, as well as having their school mascot, a giraffe named “Ravioli,” as the focal point. Look closely and you will see the handprints of each student embedded in the artwork as well!

Normandy Park School

Morristown, NJ - April 2022

In our second time painting at Normandy Park School, we transformed the hallway outside the media center, with a theme drawn from their year-long study of outer space and goal setting with the motto of “To Normandy Park and Beyond!” We painted a huge moon with a Buzz Aldrin quote, images of astronauts working together in outer space, books flying through space around the Media Center door, the NPS logo, and a scale rendering of the solar system. All the students had a chance to contribute, with the assistance of parent and teacher volunteers. Funding for the mural project from the Morristown Education Foundation, the Normandy Park HSA, and Ricciardi Brothers of Morristown.

Glenwood Elementary

Short Hills, NJ - March 2022

During this month-long residency at Glenwood, we got to paint a massive mural on panels with every student and over 100 parents! The mural is emblematic of this kind, joy-filled school—illustrating all the wonderful aspects of going to school at Glenwood—the love of learning, the weaving of the arts through the curriculum, and the acts of kindness that abound. A special reference is made to the book, “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio (the student who the book is based on attended Glenwood). The school hosted an amazing ribbon cutting with many local dignitaries in attendance, and readings by 11 students who told us how much the mural project means to them!

Sussex Avenue School

Morristown, NJ - February 2022

In our second time painting at Sussex Avenue School, we made over their cafeteria. Healthy bodies, minds, and foods was our theme, and we gathered input from the students as to what it means to have a healthy mind and healthy body. All the imagery in the mural came out of their suggestions! We painted the mural on polytab panels in the art room, and once the artwork was complete, The Olmsted Mural Group installed large heart created from healthy fruits and veggies covers the left wall, and a scene of children playing at dusk covers the right wall. Every fourth grader helped us paint, along with a slew of teachers and parents!

Valleyview Middle School

Denville, NJ - Nov 2021

Month long mural residency in Valleyview Middle’s cafeteria. Working with about 550 middle school students, as well as a slew of parent, teacher, & staff volunteers, we created a mural celebrating the town and community of Denville, NJ, along with the wide variety of clubs and activities the Valleyview students enjoy, all anchored by a large viking helmet! The mural covers all walls in the cafeteria—totaling about 1000 square feet! Radical transformation!

Troy Hills Elementary & the Love Like Ashley Foundation

Parsippany, NJ- July 2018

This project at Troy Hills Elementary was a gift given to the school in celebration of the light and love that Ashley Cistaro brought to her friends and teachers. The mural celebrates kindness and compassion for all beings—two footed, four footed, and cupcakes! Don’t forget the cupcakes!

Errickson Elementary

Freehold, NJ-March 2021

Navigating the pandemic, we were able to create a mural project with the entire student body and the teachers of Errickson Elementary in Freehold, NJ. We filled the entire Media Center hallway with positive quotes, bright colors, and student handprints. The central image highlights the poet Amanda Gorman and her inspiring words from the 2021 presidential inauguration, while another panel highlights the poetry of Robert Frost.

Sussex Avenue School

Morristown, NJ - May 2021

Even during the pandemic, we were still able to bring together many students, teachers, and parents to help paint a mural for the entryway to Sussex Avenue School. Working tabletop on polytab mural panels, we created a map of Morristown with some of the major landmarks called out—The Morris Museum, The Morristown Green, Washington’s Headquarters, local pools and playgrounds, and more!

Central Avenue School

Madison, NJ- October 2014

Month long artist residency where we created a mural spanning over 130 linear feet throughout the hallways. The theme was the 125th anniversary of Madison, NJ and the highlights of being a student at Central Avenue School. Led over 450 children, 80 parent and teacher volunteers, and coordinated with all staff and administrators. Funded in full through legacy donations to the mural project where the students' and families’ names were written into the mural

Madison Junior School

Madison, NJ- January 2020

Madison Junior School in Madison, NJ celebrates art, music, world languages in this new mural installation. Students, teachers, parents, and staff all came together in January 2020 to create this bright and inviting mural. Madison Junior School is featured on the wall leading to the school cafeteria as well as a vignette of downtown Madison. On the opposite wall, lush red velvet drapes adorned with gold tassels and fairy lights welcome you into the MJS Auditorium.

The World Language Hall literally takes you on a trip around the world! There’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the mountains of the Swiss Alps and the Eiffel Tower in Paris France. Rounding the corner, the national flag of Spain flies proudly.

A llama (affectionately named, Paquito, by the Spanish teachers who stopped by every day to paint) romps through the Andes Mountains.

A flamenco dancer waves to the distant mountains where the Great Wall in China weaves across its borders. In the final panel of the World Language hallway, Lady Liberty welcomes us to the United States. The word “hello” is translated into many languages and woven into these panels.

Additional panels celebrate not only art, music and sports but also the culture of a caring community at MJS. Featured are the book drive, food drive, and Spike for the Cure volleyball event to raise money for cancer.

Special thanks to the Madison Education Foundation, Madison Music and Arts, Madison Junior School PTO, and families for their generous support of this project.

Memorial Junior School

Whippany, NJ - March 2020

The expansive MJS commons area is now filled with lively, colorful images consisting of scenes from the 6th grade Outdoor Education Program, inspiring quotes to encourage creativity in all students, school spirit and sports wall, and an early American History Timeline. This was a whole school mural project where all 460 students over 85 teacher and parent volunteers participated. The students enjoyed bringing their memories of Fairview Lakes YMCA Camp to life on the walls of the commons including; boating on the lake, climbing the rock wall to ring the bell after reaching the top, all the stories and songs shared around the campfire, as well as the sweet hedgehog that anchors the Outdoor Education wall. The seventh-grade students had a special fondness for the science wall and were intent on getting the details correct for the mitochondria and DNA strands. A pair of Vikings, the school mascot, bookends the school spirit wall and an inspirational quote encouraging teamwork and respect completes this panel. Theater, music, and art are celebrated on the entryway panel opposite the sports wall highlighting field hockey, wrestling, spring track, soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball.

St. Elizabeth, School

Bernardsville, NJ - October 2016

Three-week collaborative mural project at this elementary school commemorated the 100-year anniversary of the parish founding.

With the help of many parish volunteers, including pre-school through 8th-grade students, parents and teachers, we were able to transform the cafeteria into a bright, cheerful space.

This mural depicts the wide variety of scenes from life at the St. Elizabeth parish center – both present time and in the past: Holy Communion, Acts of Service, prayer, classwork, athletics, and more! Each of the students painted, and we were grateful to have so many adult volunteers.

This mural was funded through legacy donations to the mural project where the students’ and families’ names were written into the mural on stones, apples, leaves, and books.

Normandy Park School

Morristown, NJ - January 2016

Two-and-a-half-week mural residency at a charter school with multi-age classrooms focused on historical and cultural landmarks of Morristown and New Jersey. Colorful representations of the local Morristown Green, as well as views of Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, and the Jersey Shore (including Lucy the Elephant!) are just some of the thoughtful renderings on the hallway walls.

This 100-foot project involved the inputs from parents, grandparents, and teachers painting alongside their students. The project was funded by the Normandy Park PTO and the Morristown Education Foundation. This residency was provided through Morris Arts – learn more about the mission at

Benjamin Franklin Elementary

Westfield, NJ - Oct 2019, May 2017, May 2016

Over the course of three different years, we created murals in three long hallways at Benjamin Franklin Elementary.

The first-floor entry hall was strikingly changed with their mural, which highlighted historical Westfield scenes. Some of the areas represented were Mindowaskin Park, the Westfield Fire Station, and the beautiful downtown, including with the Westfield Train Station. We involved over 500 students, plus over 80 parent volunteers. Funding came through the school’s PTO organization.

A second upstairs hallway mural celebrated landmarks throughout the United States with a series of travel “postcards.” Walking down the hallway, the students take a visual journey from West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Maine, through Times Square in NYC, and past the massive waterfalls of Niagara Falls. The cherry blossoms of Washington DC are anchored at the end of the hallway covered in “amber waves of grain” and a 50’ long American Flag. A backdrop of Mt. Rushmore anchors several landmarks in the western part of the country including Grand Canyon, Seattle, and San Francisco to name a few. This colorful mural inspires the students to travel beyond their home in New Jersey even for just a few minutes.

Much of the third mural at this school centers around the book, Only One You, by Linda Kranz. The book quotes and colorful underwater ocean celebrate individuality and diversity. This mural also highlights the caring community of Ben Franklin Elementary through their clothing and food drives as well as their project to thank veteran soldiers.

This residency was provided through Morris Arts – learn more about the mission at

South Mountain Elementary School

Millburn, NJ - November 2015

During this two-week mural project, all 300 South Mountain students helped to paint a detailed map of the town of Millburn, and the areas surrounding South Mountain School, on 6 large panels that measured 22’ x 6’ for their multi-purpose room. Highlights were South Mountain School, Millburn Middle and High Schools, the downtown Millburn Area, The Paper Mill Playhouse, Taylor Park, The Millburn Free & Public Library, the Millburn Train Station and more!

The panels were drawn out in the CFO Design studios and then transported to the school. Once there, the students painted the panels on tabletops in the art room. At the completion of the student work, we then brought the groups up to the stage
for touch-ups.

After the touch-ups and clear coat, the fantastic maintenance workers helped install the panels then drape them from view– to keep the final product a surprise for the kids! A week later, the school had a mural unveiling where we dropped the black curtain that had kept the project hidden from the kids– what fun to see their faces when they saw all of it put together!

The project was funded by the South Mountain PTO.

Mountain View Middle

Mendham, NJ - December 2019

This middle school received grant money for the creation of a Wellness Room to engage students in calming and meditative practices. Recognizing that nature and art can help created the feeling of calm, the Olmsted Mural Group was commissioned to render a natural scene, reminiscent of local streams and waters to adorn the walls of the Wellness Room.

Alexander Hamilton School

Morristown, NJ - January 2019

The entry hallway mural at Alexander Hamilton was a whole school collaborative effort including many families that came to paint during an evening session. It features the school and mascot Hooty in the center flanked on both sides with the greetings, “Welcome to Morristown” and “We’ve got Character”. On the left-hand side the letters, spelling out Morristown, are set against a deep blue night sky and are a celebration of history and culture throughout the town. The scenes inside each letter feature images including: The Morristown Library, Jockey Hollow, Fosterfields & Cooper Gristmill, Morristown High School, Morris Frank and Buddy of The Seeing Eye Foundation, The Morristown Green, NJ Transit, Morristown Performing Art Center Washington’s Headquarters and the historic Acorn Hall. The right-hand side features the school values, academics, sports, and the arts. In addition to painting, the students were excited to make their mark with their own handprints throughout the mural.

Milton Avenue School

Chatham, NJ - November 2019

The little school that makes a big difference” accurately describes our mural experience at Milton Avenue School. We had over 200 “little hands” from 1st grade through 3rd grade working to create this sweet mural that makes a big difference in the gymnasium where it is installed. It was designed and drawn onto five panels which we set up in the Art Room. The students painted during their respective art classes along with the art teacher and many parent volunteers. The mural spells out M I L T O N, where each letter depicts a part of the school day including math, science, art, caring and recess. The mural also features The National Blue Ribbon which the U.S. Department of Education recognizes and celebrates Milton Avenue School as achieving a high level of academic excellence and affirms the hard work of the students, educators, families, and community.

Randolph Middle School

Randolph, NJ - July 2016

_The Olmsted Mural Group, in collaboration with the school, ran a one week “summer camp” project with 20 middle schoolers. We painted a mural illustrating a variety of ways that students can make a difference in the world through service. The image is anchored by a large Earth with hands holding it like a precious jewel. _

Get a Free Estimate

To accurately determine scope, scale & duration - please provide the following:

Bring a mural residency to your community The average residency is 12‐14 days for 325‐425 students

Design Phase

Ms. Olmsted will collaborate with the school in order to have the mural design uniquely reflect their mission, vision, & student body. PLEASE PLAN TO PROVIDE ANY & ALL THEMATIC IDEAS TO MS. OLMSTED AT LEAST 6 WEEKS PRIOR TO PROJECT START DATE so as to allow enough time to develop your school's mural plan & make color selections.

The school should DESIGNATE ONE PERSON TO BE THE DESIGN & COMMUNICATIONS POINT PERSON, through which all emails, discussions and design decisions will be made & approved.

The school should consult with the SCHOOL NURSE to see whether there are any students in the school with an airborne or contact latex allergy, as the paints used in the mural contain latex.

Mural Painting Phase

PARENT VOLUNTEERS are absolutely critical to the success of this large‐scale collaborative mural in each & every phase of the project: the prep, student painting, final touch‐ups, & clear coat. No artistic experience required! Ms. Olmsted will be happy to provide the school with a sample volunteer schedule.

Ms. Olmsted will need to create a PAINT TABLE AREA where all the supplies will be kept during the residency. This will require the use of an on‐site 6‐8 foot table, a large garbage can, & unfettered access to a large sink where brushes can be washed throughout the day.

A CERTIFIED TEACHER must be present with the students at all times (classroom or art teacher).

If possible, the school might like to consider allowing any children who may have been absent on their class' painting day to come with another class so that we can attempt to reach 100% PARTICIPATION.

Paints and Materials

THE CLIENT IS EXPECTED TO PAY FOR ALL PAINT MATERIALS FOR THE MURAL, IN ADDITION TO THE COST OF THE RESIDENCY. This includes paint, protective clear coat, painters' tape, & brushes.

Ms. Olmsted prefers to use NO VOC BENJAMIN MOORE &/OR SHERWIN WILLIAMS acrylic‐ latex house paints. If the school wishes to pursue & receives a donation of materials, this cost will be removed from the residency. Ms. Olmsted will provide all ladders, drop cloths, and miscellaneous painter's tools.

The mural shall not require any special lighting or maintenance as it will receive a NO VOC PROTECTIVE TOPCOAT at the end of the residency.

Children should wear painting clothes & smocks for their mural painting session. Ms. Olmsted will provide shoe covers.