Meet Caren

Caren Frost Olmsted has been the Owner and Principal of the Olmsted Mural Group for over two decades. Her diverse portfolio encompasses both large- and small-scale murals, transforming educational, community, corporate, and residential spaces across the county. With a track record of over 150 mural projects spanning from New Jersey to North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and beyond, Caren brings a wealth of experience to every endeavor.

In addition to her mural projects, Caren has made a significant impact in the communities where she has completed projects, contributing numerous noteworthy works. Each day for Caren is an exploration of the promise of something different – new people, new art, new challenges – a dynamic that she embraces and loves. Caren holds a degree in Theater Design from Bates College and a degree in Art Education from Appalachian State University. She is not only the proud holder of a New Jersey State Teaching Certificate but is also a certified women’s small business owner. Prior to founding the Olmsted Mural Group, Caren's professional journey included several years as a Set and Lighting Designer in the world of theater and four years as an Art Educator.

Driven by a passion for collaboration, Caren conducts 7-10 collaborative mural residencies annually in school and community settings, complemented by the completion of private commission pieces. Her studio is situated in Basking Ridge, NJ, where she resides with her husband, two sons (her most spectacular creations), and their beloved beagle rescue.

Meet our Creative Partners

Our projects are so huge & expansive in terms of space and volunteers involved, that there is no way that Caren could do what she does alone! We are so lucky to have phenomenal artist partners to help us pull off our transformational community & commercial projects! Between them & Caren, they come to the table with over 125 years of experience with project management & the creation & installation of artwork! Without them, our murals wouldn't be the awe-inspiring masterpieces that grace 100's of community & commercial spaces.

So, remember that behind every stroke, every hue, & every detail, there's a collective genius at play – a blend of Caren's visionary leadership and the artistic prowess of our partners. We're not just creating murals; we're crafting experiences, & we're doing it with heart, soul, & a dash of artistic magic.

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Some people call it “the barn” but it’s where I work on mural designs, commissioned art, furniture, & focus on my passion.

My artist statement

Caren Frost Olmsted (°1974, Morristown, NJ, United States) I believe that we are all born creative beings, artists at heart. As a mural artist, I specialize in collaborative projects and installations that engage the inner artist of the communities that my murals serve...Read More.