In 2014, the Olmsted Mural Group was commissioned to cover the walls of each and every department in the enormous new store on the Upper East Side of NYC with a variety of patterns and lettering. Visit anytime the store is open to see the work up close and personal!


In 2017, the Olmsted Mural Group was commissioned to cover the walls of the Meat, Dairy, and Specialty Departments with two different Venetian Plasters, and to paint and distress the brick walls in the new 1812 Bar & Pub area within the store. Visit anytime the store is open to see the work up close and personal!


In 2013, the Olmsted Mural Group was commissioned to design a vintage look map of the Port Chester and Rye area. We pulled together many sources to create a piece that would emblazon the exit walls at the Whole Foods Market in Port Chester, NY. We also got to paint the soffits of the departments with festive, distressed color blocks. Visit anytime the store is open to see the work up close and personal!

Whole Foods Clark

In this new Whole Foods Market built-in Clark, NJ, CFO Design did mural and stencil work in virtually every corner of the store– from the grand entryway to the departments, to the pub, and even the restrooms! The pub, called “Clark Bar,” was hand-plastered a warm clay color to coordinate with the Kendall Charcoal wainscot, which was also painted by CFO Design.

In the main entry, notice the flourish of detail in the faux finish, contrasted with the crisp, tight, letters. At the back of the store is the Dairy department with a warm accent wall of brick, where the distressed paint treatment stands out nicely while giving a sense of permanency. We also hand-painted the logo of the bar on the glass in antique gold.

Whole Foods Third and Third

In this flagship store for Whole Foods, CFO Design hand-painted logos and other intricate designs on brick reclaimed from a GE factory in Newark, NJ.

In the upstairs Roof Top Bar, we aged and distressed the bar (i.e. we got to beat it with chains, hammers, and nails!) to bring the color in line with the aged brick. Additionally, we installed large pieces of vinyl in many departments, as well as hand-painting logos on the glass.

Whole Foods Danbury

We added map and lettering in the Café, and hand painted a white logo in the play area for Whole Kids Foundation.

Whole Foods 57th Street

Working from the designs provided by the client, we executed hand-painted stencil work in most departments in this new store on East 57th St. in NYC.

We also created 1000s of magazine rolls for the department lettering and café tabletops. As always, each store is designed to reflect the people and culture they serve.

Lean Dog Software

Our job is always fun, but sometimes it gets especially fun and random. We were called to the office of Lean Dog, a leading-edge Web Development and Software firm in Cleveland, OH, with offices on a decommissioned steamship afloat in Lake Erie! The view out the windows was the lake and their neighbor, a submarine! While attempting to stave off seasickness, we created a mural of a Sea Kraken tentacles rising around the windows in the main work area.

Office Depot “Green Awards”

Atlanta, GA- Oct 2015
We were commissioned by an event planner, Eventologie, to create over 20 individual “Green Awards” to be used at Office Depot’s annual award ceremony. Using reclaimed barn wood, we cut the awards into the shape of the Office Depot logo, then covered the front of the award with recycled office products, colorful rolled papers, and then poured an ecofriendly resin over each piece.

Capital Craft Gastropub

Green Brook, NJ- October 2015
Logo of Capital Craft and an assortment of beer bottles painted in a distressed manner on brick.